Concepts of Managing

A Road Map for Avoiding Career Hazards

Attaining a valued leadership role requires more than technical skills. Interacting appropriately with everyone in the organization, while introducing or supporting tactical initiatives, is fundamental.

Concepts of Managing reveals essential lessons leaders must understand. Offering uniquely realistic portrayals of situations encountered in business, Ronald Harris’ principles reveal beneficial concepts in action which empower workplace application. Utilizing this guidance—which is seasoned with candor and optimism—readers can anticipate scenarios and thoughtfully approach challenges. Armed with real-world wisdom, they will consequently experience fewer career detours and avoid the roughest waters. Furthermore, self-esteem and the respect of admirable peers will be cultured, increasing employment opportunities and heightening success.

This book speaks to supervisors and managers as well as aspiring workers, since everyone faces employment challenges. Harris’ concepts are relevant to university students, employees in training programs, people in business, and those trying to succeed with limited access to mentoring resources.